Return Policy

Right of withdrawal/return
1. The Client will have the right to dissolve the distance Agreement with Sjammienators VOF within 14 calendar days after receiving the product, free of charge and without stating reasons.
The period as stipulated commences on the day after the product was received by the consumer, or a third party designated by the consumer, who is not the transporting party, or:
⦁ if the delivery of a product involves different deliveries or parts: the day on which the Client, or a third party designated by the Client, received the last delivery or the last part;
⦁ with contracts for the regular delivery of products during a given period: the day on which the Client, or a third party designated by the Client, received the last product;
⦁ if the Client has ordered several products: the day on which the Client, or a third party designated by the Client, received the last product.

2. The Client bears the direct costs of returning the product.

3. During the withdrawal period, the Client shall treat the product and its packaging with care. He shall only unpack or use the product in as far as necessary in order to assess the nature, characteristics and efficacy of the product. The point of departure here is that the consumer may only handle and inspect the product in the same way that he would be allowed in a shop.

4. The Client is only liable for the product’s devaluation that is a consequence of his handling the product other than as permitted in paragraph 3 of this Article.

5. The Client can dissolve the Agreement by reporting the withdrawal to Sjammienators VOF, by means of the model form for right of withdrawal or in some other unequivocal way. If Sjammienators VOF makes it possible for the Client to declare his withdrawal via electronic/digitalmeans, then after receiving such a declaration, Sjammienators VOF sends immediate confirmationof receipt. As quickly as possible, but no later than 14 days after the day of reporting, the Client shall return the product, or hand it over to (a representative of) Sjammienators VOF.
Products can be returned to the following address:
Torenlaan 5, 3701 VH Zeist, Netherlands

6. Any amounts already paid (in advance) by the Client will be refunded to the Client as soon as possible, though at the latest within 14 days after the day on which the Client reported the withdrawal. Any shipping costs paid by the Client will be refunded to the Client if the entire order is returned. If the Client chose an expensive method of delivery in preference to the cheapest standard delivery, Sjammienators VOF does not have to refund the additional costs of the more expensive method. Except in cases in which Sjammienators VOF has offered to retrieve the product himself, he can postpone refunding until he has received the product or until the Client proves he has returned the product, depending on which occurs earlier. For any reimbursement, Sjammienators VOF will use the same payment method that was initially used by the Client, unless the Client agrees to another method.

7.The risk and the burden of proof for exercising the right of withdrawal correctly and in time rest upon the Client.

8. Information about the applicability or non-applicability of a right of withdrawal and any required procedure will be clearly stated in good time before the contract is concluded.

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